Sales & Commission Tracking Sheet (Multiple Rule Template)


Simplify your sales commission tracking with our easy-to-use Google Sheet template! Perfect for businesses of all sizes, it supports multiple commission rule tables, up to 200+ employees, and offers real-time data visualization. Enjoy detailed individual and monthly reports, customizable services and products, and automatic commission calculations. Efficient, accurate, and transparent commission management made simple!


Transform your sales tracking and commission calculations with our comprehensive Sales Commission Google Sheet Template! Designed with user-friendliness in mind, this powerful tool supports multiple commission rule tables, accommodating the complexities of diverse sales teams and compensation plans.


Easy to Use:

Intuitive design ensures quick setup and seamless integration into your workflow.

Support for Multiple Commission Rule Tables:

Customize and apply different commission structures to suit various teams or individual employees.

Supports Up to 200+ Employees:

Perfect for both small businesses and large enterprises.

Real-Time Data Visualization:

Monitor sales performance and commission earnings with dynamic charts and graphs.

Individual Employee Sales Tracking Reports:

Generate detailed reports for each employee, offering transparency and insights into their earnings.

Monthly Sales Tracking Reports:

View comprehensive monthly summaries to track overall sales performance and commission payouts.

Custom Services and Products:

Easily add and manage unique services and products to reflect your business offerings.

Auto-Calculation of Commission:

Automatically calculate commissions based on the assigned rule table, ensuring accuracy and saving time.


Upgrade your sales management process today with our Sales Commission Google Sheet Template – your all-in-one solution for efficient, accurate, and transparent commission tracking!

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